Institutions of the Community

Under the Treaty there are several institutions responsible for formulating policies and performing functions in relation to cooperation. A Minister of Government represents each Member State on each Institution.

The following entities established by or under the auspices of the Community are recognised as Institutions of the Community:


The Caribbean Community comprises the Organs and Bodies established by the Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas. There are some autonomous or semi-autonomous organisations which are not within that core structure of CARICOM, but are part of what may be called the CARICOM System. These are Treaty Entities (established by the Revised Treaty), Institutions of the Community (recognised or designated under Article 21) and Associate Institutions (recognised in Article 22 as having functional relationships with the Community).

These are entities expressly established by the Revised Treaty, whose functions and other details are set out in the treaty, functions which are supportive of, and necessary for the proper functioning of the CSME in particular. The treaty provisions also address the relationship between the CDF and the CCC and Community Organs respectively. CARICOM Members are obliged to participate in the arrangements relating to the CDF and CCC, as they are regarded as integral to the Community. These are –

See also Treaties


The Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) is the Court of the Community, with compulsory and exclusive jurisdiction to hear and determine disputes concerning the interpretation and application of the Revised Treaty - Article 211(1).
The operation of the CCJ is supported by the Regional Judicial and Legal Service Commission (established by the CCJ Agreement) and the CCJ Trust Fund (established by the Revised Trust Fund Agreement). The RJLSC also appoints the members of the CARICOM Competition Commission.

See agreement establishing the CCJ here

Organisations which have been “established by or under the auspices of the Community shall be recognised as Institutions of the Community…and such other entities as may be designated by the Conference” (Article 21). Most of these organisations have a reporting function to an Organ of CARICOM, in some cases, a CARICOM Organ may actually be the governing body of the Institution, or be the body responsible for approving the work programme and budget of the Institution.
 Institutions named in the Revised Treaty are –

*incorporated into CARPHA
 Institutions subsequently designated by the Conference –

Other organisations established by CARICOM, but not yet formally designated –

Organisations that are “entities with which the Community enjoys important functional relationships which contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the Community…and such other entities as may be designated by the Conference” (Article 22).
 Associate Institutions recognised in the Revised Treaty are –

Other Organisations with which CARICOM engages –

Council of Legal Education - is older than CARICOM and has expressed some recent interest in being designated. In any event the Secretariat is depositary for the Treaty and it is an institution established by CARICOM Member Governments.

The Pan-Caribbean Partnership for HIV/AIDS (PANCAP) is a partnership which originated with CARICOM and includes Members, Third States and Organisations. It does not have independent legal personality as other Institutions but functions as a hybrid entity within the Secretariat, but with wider membership and different governance systems.

Carib-Export and Caribbean Regional Information and Translation Institute (CRITI) are CARIFORUM institutions.

The Regional Security System (RSS) RSS - is OECS and Barbados. It is not created by CARICOM or designated under the Revised Treaty. However, it is generally recognized operationally within CARICOM security arrangements and work programme and in particular, the RSS is a party to the CARICOM Treaty on Security Assistance.

      Institutions within the Community


       Associate Institutions

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