The Council for Foreign and Community Relations (COFCOR)

1. The Council for Foreign and Community Relations shall consist of Ministers Responsible for the Foreign Affairs of Member States. Each Member State shall be entitled to designate an alternate to represent it on COFCOR..

2. Subject to the provisions of Article 12 (Functions and Powers of the Conference) of the Revised Treaty establishing the Caribbean Community including the CARICOM Single Market and Economy, COFCOR shall be responsible for determining relations between the Community and international organisations and Third States.

3. Without prejudice to the generality of paragraph 2, COFCOR shall:

(a) promote the development and oversee the operation of the CSME;

(b) evaluate, promote and establish measures to enhance production, quality control and marketing of industrial and agricultural commodities so as to ensure their international competitiveness;

(c) establish and promote measures to accelerate structural diversification of industrial and agricultural production on a sustainable and regionally-integrated basis;

(d) determine and promote measures for the accelerated development and marketing of services;

(e) promote and develop policies and programmes to facilitate the transportation of people and goods;

(f) promote measures for the development of energy and natural resources on a sustainable basis;

(g) establish and promote measures for the accelerated development of science and technology;

(h) promote and develop policies for the protection of and preservation of the environment and for sustainable development;

(i) promote and develop, in collaboration with the Council for Foreign and Community Relations, co-ordinated policies for the enhancement of external economic and trade relations of the Community, and

(j) undertake any additional functions remitted to it by the Conference, arising under this Treaty.

4. Only Member States possessing the necessary competence with respect to the matters under consideration from time to time may take part in the deliberations of COFCOR.
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