Community Organs and Bodies

To quicken the pace of integration, the West Indian Commission recommended basic and fundamental changes to the structure of the Community and in the arrangements for decision-making and implementation.

Heads of Government agreed with the general findings of the Commission, and decided that among the changes that would be made to improve the structure and management of the Community, the Treaty of Chaguaramas would be revised, given the agreement to move from a Common Market to a Single Market and Single Economy and to reflect the new community structures.

The  Treaty was revised through a series of protocols - legal instruments setting out the new rules - and in 2001, these protocols were integrated into the Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas establishing the Caribbean Community including the CARICOM Single Market and Economy. The following is the institutional structure of the Community as set out in the Revised Treaty:

Principal Organs
  • The Conference of Heads of Government (and its Bureau)

  • The Community Council of Ministers (The Community Council)
The principal organs are assisted by four 'Organs', three 'bodies' and by the CARICOM Secretariat - 'the Principal Administrative Organ'.  The organs are:
The bodies are:
  • The Legal Affairs Committee: provides legal advice to the organs and bodies of the Community

  • The Budget Committee : examines the draft budget and work programme of the Secretariat and submits recommendations to the Community Council; and,

  • The Committee of Central Bank Governors: provides recommendations to the COFAP on monetary and financial matters

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