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Treaty on Security Assistance among CARICOM Member States

Common Name: Treaty on Security Assistance among CARICOM Member States


According to Article 3 the objectives of the Security Assistance Mechanism are the: efficient and timely response to and management of natural and man-made disasters in order to reduce and eliminate the harmful consequences thereof; expeditious, efficient mobilisation and deployment of regional resources in order to manage and defuse national and regional crisis and to combat serious crimes; combating and elimination of threats to national and regional security, however arising; and preservation of the territorial integrity of the Contracting States.

Date opened for Signature: 2006/07/2

Date of ratification

Suriname (18 June 2007)

Entry into Force:

Article 18 – This Treaty shall enter into force on the day that it is signed by two (2) Member States of the RSS, the RSS and two (2) other Contracting Parties. This Treaty entered into force on 16 October 2006.